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Zámek Lužec Spa & Wellness Resort v Nejdku hodnocení



We, Jan Žižka from Trocnov, a warrior by God’s will, hereby let everyone know that on June 25, 2014, my chateau tavern OPENED!

I recommend tasting period dishes prepared in the Tandoor oven.

How to get here? From Děpoltovice in the direction of Lužec, after Lužec the first turn to the left. Free parking on site.

By visiting a medieval tavern, you will be transported to the 15th century and experience the gastronomy set in this time. Meals are prepared according to period recipes in the Tandoor oven. The dishes that leave our medieval cuisine are home-made. They reflect the basic philosophy of this medieval tavern, which emphasizes the quality and selection of first-class raw materials.

The atmosphere of the medieval tavern is complemented by programs with medieval music, historical fencing, medieval dance (for a fee). You do not have to be our hotel guests to be able to taste our excellent cuisine.

Capacity of the medieval restaurant:
65 seats Capacity of outdoor gazebos: 42 seats

Opening hours of the Medieval Pub of Jan Žižka
Monday – Sunday: 12.00 – 23.00


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A professional team of our chefs prepares Czech and international cuisine for our royal restaurant using specific gastronomic recipes and new technologies. Eating in the beautiful surroundings of the royal restaurant brings guests both gastronomic and aesthetic pleasure, which significantly contributes to the success of the wellness stay, which aims to help restore physical and mental balance.

At the same time, catering for hotel guests takes place in the form of menus and counters, which keep dishes prepared from first-class ingredients always fresh and fresh. Our chefs prepare great meals for you every day from fresh ingredients without the use of semi-finished products and substitutes.

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